Development of an Unified Food Composition Database for the European Project "Stance4Health"

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The European Commission funded project Stance4Health (S4H) aims to develop a complete personalised nutrition service. In order to succeed, sources of information on nutritional composition and other characteristics of foods need to be as comprehensive as possible. Food composition tables or databases (FCT/FCDB) are the most commonly used tools for this purpose. The aim of this study is to describe the harmonisation efforts carried out to obtain the Stance4Health FCDB. A total of 10 FCT/FCDB were selected from different countries and organizations. Data were classified using FoodEx2 and INFOODS tagnames to harmonise the information. Hazard analysis and critical control points analysis was applied as the quality control method. Data were processed by spreadsheets and MySQL. S4H's FCDB is composed of 880 elements, including nutrients and bioactive compounds. A total of 2648 unified foods were used to complete the missing values of the national FCDB used. Recipes and dishes were estimated following EuroFIR standards via linked tables. S4H's FCDB will be part of the smartphone app developed in the framework of the Stance4Health European project, which will be used in different personalized nutrition intervention studies. S4H FCDB has great perspectives, being one of the most complete in terms of number of harmonized foods, nutrients and bioactive compounds included.
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Food composition database, Food standardization, Food data, Nutrients, Bioactive compounds, Public health, Personalized nutrition, Hazard analysis and critical control points, Databases, Europe, Composición de alimentos, Estándares de referencia, Nutrientes, Fitoquímicos, Atención a la salud, Nutrición de precisión, Análisis de peligros y puntos de control críticos, Bases de datos como asunto, Europa (Continente)
Hinojosa-Nogueira D, Pérez-Burillo S, Navajas-Porras B, Ortiz-Viso B, de la Cueva SP, Lauria F, et al. Development of an Unified Food Composition Database for the European Project "Stance4Health". Nutrients. 2021 Nov 24;13(12):4206.