The insulin resistance phenotype (muscle or liver) interacts with the type of diet to determine changes in disposition index after 2 years of intervention: the CORDIOPREV-DIAB randomised clinical trial

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Aims/hypothesis The aim of the study was to determine whether basal insulin resistance (IR) phenotype (muscle and/or liver) determines the effect of long-term consumption of a Mediterranean diet or a low-fat diet on tissue-specific IR and beta cell function.Methods The study was performed in 642 patients included in The effect of an olive oil rich Mediterranean diet on type 2 diabetes mellitus risk and incidence study (CORDIOPREV-DIAB). A total of 327 patients were randomised to a Mediterranean diet (35% fat; 22% from monounsaturated fatty acids) and 315 to a low-fat diet (
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Beta cell function, Dietary intervention, Insulin resistance, Low-fat diet, Mediterranean diet, Mediterranean diet, Glucose-tolerance, Skeletal-muscle, Life-style, Prevention, Sensitivity, Health, Risk, Metabolism, Secretion