A Multimodal Intervention for Prevention of Overweight and Obesity in Schoolchildren. A Protocol Study "PREVIENE-CÁDIZ".

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This paper describes the protocol for a study designed to address the high prevalence (40%) of childhood overweight and obesity in the province of Cádiz, Spain, as a reflection of what is happening worldwide. It is widely known that children who suffer from childhood obesity have a higher risk of developing chronic diseases in adulthood. This causes a decrease in the quality of life and an increase in health spending. In this context, it is necessary to intervene promoting healthy lifestyle habits from an early stage. The objective of this project will be to evaluate the effectiveness of a multimodal intervention (individual, school and family) called "PREVIENE-CÁDIZ" [CADIZ-PREVENT]. The intervention will be focused mainly on diet, physical activity, sedentary lifestyle and sleep, to prevent overweight and obesity in schoolchildren from 8 to 9 years old in the province of Cádiz. It will consist of a 10-session education program carried out in the classroom by the teachers. In addition, children will be assigned two workbooks, one to work on in class and the other at home with parents. A workshop aimed at parents will be included to help teach them how to obtain healthier lifestyle habits. The proposed study will involve a quasi-experimental design with a control group.
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eating behavior, health behavior, multimodal intervention, pediatric obesity, physical activity, primary prevention, sedentary behavior, sleep