Analysis of the Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic on People with Severe Mental Disorders.

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For people with severe mental disorders (SMDs) the COVID-19 pandemic may pose a number of risks. These include the loss of needed care, a higher probability of infection, and the worsening of their mental health. To analyze the pandemic's impact on care received, relapses, loss of employment, and adherence to preventive guidelines in SMD sufferers, a multicenter retrospective cohort study was carried out comparing 185 patients diagnosed with SMD and 85 with common disorders. The results showed that during lockdown, there was a significant reduction in face-to-face psychotherapeutic, nursing, and occupational therapy interventions. In the same period, telematic interventions were introduced which, although subsequently reduced, now continue to be used to a greater extent than before the pandemic. Employment decreased significantly (13% vs. 9.2%; χ2 = 126.228 p
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adherence to preventive guidelines against COVID-19, nursing, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, severe mental disorder