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Activation of the JAK-STAT Signaling Pathway after In Vitro Stimulation with IFNß in Multiple Sclerosis Patients According to the Therapeutic Response to IFNßHurtado-Guerrero, Isaac; Pinto-Medel, Maria Jesús; Urbaneja, Patricia; Rodriguez-Bada, Jose Luis; León, Antonio; Guerrero, Miguel; Fernández, Óscar; Leyva, Laura; Oliver-Martos, Begoña19-Jan-2017
Activities of gemifloxacin and five other antimicrobial agents against Listeria monocytogenes and coryneform bacteria isolated from clinical samplesMartínez-Martínez, L; Joyanes, P; Suárez, A I; Perea, E JAug-2001
Tratamiento farmacológico de las alteraciones neuromusculares en el paciente crítico.Ortiz Leyba, CMay-2006
Epidermal growth factor receptor and epididymis invasion as prognostic biomarkers in clinical stage I testicular germ cell tumoursSanmamed, Miguel F; Esteban, E; Uriol, E; Zarate, R; Capelan, M; Muriel, C; Crespo, G; Berros, J P; Pardo-Coto, P; Perez, Q; Alvarez-Fernández, C; Jiménez Fonseca, P; Luque, M; Astudillo, A20-Mar-2017
How are the employed and unemployed affected by the economic crisis in Spain? Educational inequalities, life conditions and mental health in a context of high unemploymentCórdoba-Doña, Juan Antonio; Escolar-Pujolar, Antonio; San Sebastián, Miguel; Gustafsson, Per E15-Mar-2016
Approach to the diagnosis of drug hypersensitivity reactions: similarities and differences between Europe and North AmericaTorres, M J; Romano, A; Celik, G; Demoly, P; Khan, D A; Macy, E; Park, M; Blumenthal, K; Aberer, W; Castells, M; Barbaud, A; Mayorga, C; Bonadonna, P13-Mar-2017
Causas e impacto clinico de la desnutrición y caquexia en el paciente oncológico.García-Luna, P P; Parejo Campos, J; Pereira Cunill, J LMay-2006
Surveillance Systems from Public Health Institutions and Scientific Societies for Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare-Associated Infections in Europe (SUSPIRE): protocol for a systematic reviewNúñez-Núñez, María; Navarro, María Dolores; Gkolia, Panagiota; Babu Rajendran, Nithya; Del Toro, María Dolores; Voss, Andreas; Sharland, Mike; Sifakis, Frangiscos; Tacconelli, Evelina; Rodríguez-Baño, Jesús27-Mar-2017
Consensus statement of the European guidelines on clinical management of HIV-1 tropism testingVandekerckhove, LPR; Wensing, AMJ; Brun-Vezinet, F; Clotet, B; De Luca, A; Dressler, S; Garcia, F; Geretti, AM; Klimkait, T; Korn, K; Masquelier, B; Perno, CF; Schapiro, J; Soriano, V; Sönnerborg, A; Vandamme, ÀM; Verhofstede, C; Walter, H; Zazzi, M; Boucher, CA8-Nov-2010
Glutamyl aminopeptidase in microvesicular and exosomal fractions of urine is related with renal dysfunction in cisplatin-treated ratsQuesada, Andrés; Segarra, Ana Belén; Montoro-Molina, Sebastián; de Gracia, María Del Carmen; Osuna, Antonio; O'Valle, Francisco; Gómez-Guzmán, Manuel; Vargas, Félix; Wangensteen, Rosemary11-Apr-2017