Relationship beetween Primary and Hospital Care in cardiovascular prevention and treatment of dyslipidemias. Derivation algorithm. Discharge criteria.

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Effective cardiovascular prevention requires taking advantage of all opportunities for patient contact with the Health Services in order to detect risk factors (CVRF) and global cardiovascular risk stratification (CVR). This particularly involves the Primary Care (PC) services, which must be coordinated with the Hospital Care (HC) in order to make all health resources available to the population. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the contribution of Occupational Health and Pharmacy services. There are hopeful signs as regards the possibility of overcoming the barriers that limit the necessary exchange of information between PC and HC professionals, as a basis for adequate coordination between both levels of care. This includes the implementation of referral and discharge algorithms (in this review this means those related to dyslipidaemias) accepted by professionals at both levels, and currently facilitated by the availability of new corporate tools (mobile, email, virtual consultations). The challenge lies in seizing the opportunity they offer to make their implementation effective.
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Atención hospitalaria, Atención primaria, Cardiovascular prevention, Dislipidemia, Dyslipidaemia, Factores de riesgo, Global cardiovascular risk, Hospital Care, Prevención cardiovascular, Primary Care, Riesgo cardiovascular global, Risk factors