Prevalence and 30-Day Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With Covid-19 and Prior Lung Diseases

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Introduction: Patients with pre-existing respiratory diseases in the setting of COVID-19 may have a greater risk of severe complications and even death.Methods: A retrospective, multicenter, cohort study with 5847 COVID-19 patients admitted to hospitals. Patients were separated in two groups, with/without previous lung disease. Evaluation of factors associated with survival and secondary composite end-point such as ICU admission and respiratory support, were explored.Results: 1,271 patients (22%) had a previous lung disease, mostly COPD. All-cause mortality occurred in 376 patients with lung disease (29.5%) and in 819 patients without (17.9%) (p
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COVID-19, Respiratory diseases, COPD, Prognosis, 30-Day mortality, Coronavirus