How many collateral casualties are associated with road users responsible for road crashes?

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To estimate the number of collateral casualties associated with road users considered responsible for a road crash. We analyzed the case series comprising all 790,435 road users involved in road crashes with victims in Spain from 2009 to 2013, recorded in a nationwide police-based registry. For each road user assumed to be responsible for a crash, we collected information relative to health outcomes in other people involved in it, and obtained the total number of collateral casualties per 100 road users considered responsible for the crash. We then estimated the strength of associations between sex, age and the number of collateral casualties generated by car drivers considered responsible for the crash, and calculated rate ratios and corresponding 95% confidence intervals. Pedestrians responsible for crashes were associated with the lowest number of collateral casualties (13.1/100), whereas the highest number (153/100) was observed for bus drivers responsible for crashes. Car drivers were associated with 104.4/100 collateral casualties. The youngest and the oldest car drivers responsible for crashes were associated with 33% and 41% more deaths, respectively, than the 25-34 year old group. Male drivers were associated with 22% more collateral casualties than female drivers. Regardless of the type of road user who was responsible for a road crash, their active contribution to the crash led to an additional number of collateral casualties in other, non-responsible users. The number and severity of collateral casualties were related to the type of vehicle and the number of people involved. These results are potentially useful to support the need to promote safer driver practices among subgroups of high-risk drivers.
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Accidente de tráfico, Collateral casualties, Death, Epidemiology, Epidemiología, Injury, Lesión, Muerte, Road crash, Víctimas colaterales