Headache: What to ask, how to examine, and which scales to use. Recommendations of the Spanish Society of Neurology's Headache Study Group.

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Headache is the most common neurological complaint at the different levels of the healthcare system, and clinical history and physical examination are essential in the diagnosis and treatment of these patients. With the objective of unifying the care given to patients with headache, the Spanish Society of Neurology's Headache Study Group (GECSEN) has decided to establish a series of consensus recommendations to improve and guarantee adequate care in primary care, emergency services, and neurology departments. With the aim of creating a practical document, the recommendations follow the dynamics of a medical consultation: clinical history, physical examination, and scales quantifying headache impact and disability. In addition, we provide recommendations for follow-up and managing patients' expectations of the treatment. With this tool, we aim to improve the care given to patients with headache in order to guarantee adequate, homogeneous care across Spain.
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