[Overweight and obesity in children treated for congenital heart disease].

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The negative impact of overweight and obesity is potentially greater in children affected by a congenital heart disease (CHD). The aim of this study is to calculate the proportion of overweight and obesity in children who underwent an intervention for CHD, and to investigate systolic arterial hypertension as a possible early cardiovascular complication. A retrospective study was conducted on patients aged 6-17 years treated for CHD, and healthy control subjects, followed-up in a Paediatric Cardiology Clinic. Body mass index percentiles were calculated according to the criteria of WHO. A review was performed on the anthropometric and clinical data, as well as the systolic blood pressure (SBP). A total of 440 patients were included, of which 220 had CHD. The proportion of combined obesity and overweight (body mass index percentile ≥85) was 36.4% (37.3% in healthy subjects and 35.4% in patients with CHD, P=.738). A higher prevalence of obesity (body mass index percentile ≥97) was found in CHD patients (22.7%) compared to 15.5% in healthy subjects (P=.015). SBP percentiles were higher in overweight compared to normal-weight patients (P The proportion of obesity is high in children treated for CHD and it is associated with elevated SBP levels. The risk of long-term complications needs to be reduced by means of prevention and treatment of obesity in this vulnerable population.
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Cardiopatías congénitas, Children, Congenital heart disease, Niños, Obesidad, Obesity