Genome-Wide Association Study of White Blood Cell Counts in Patients With Ischemic Stroke.

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Background and Purpose- Immune cells play a key role in the first 24h poststroke (acute phase), being associated with stroke outcome. We aimed to find genetic risk factors associated with leukocyte counts during the acute phase of stroke. Methods- Ischemic stroke patients with leukocyte counts data during the first 24h were included. Genome-wide association study and gene expression studies were performed. Results- Our genome-wide association study, which included 2064 (Discovery) and 407 (Replication) patients, revealed a new locus (14q24.3) associated with leukocyte counts. After Joint analysis (n=2471) 5 more polymorphisms reached genome-wide significance (P
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genome-wide association study, humans, leukocytes, risk factors, stroke