[Immunisation schedule of the Spanish Association of Paediatrics: 2020 recommendations].

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The CAV-AEP annually publishes the immunisation schedule considered optimal for all children resident in Spain, taking into account the available evidence. The 2+1 schedule is recommended (2, 4, and 11 months) with hexavalent vaccines (DTPa-VPI-Hib-HB) and with 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate. A 6-year booster is recommended, preferably with DTPa (if available), with a dose of polio for those who received 2+1 schemes, as well as vaccination with Tdpa in adolescents and in each pregnancy, preferably between 27 and 32 weeks. Rotavirus vaccine should be systematic for all infants. Meningococcal B vaccine, with a 2+1 schedule, should be included in routine calendar. In addition to the inclusion of the conjugated tetravalent meningococcal vaccine (MenACWY) at 12 years of age with catch up to 18 years, inclusive, the CAV recommends this vaccine to be also included at 12 months of age, replacing MenC. Likewise, it is recommended in those over 6 weeks of age with risk factors or who travel to countries with a high incidence of these serogroups. Two-dose schedules for MMR (12 months and 3-4 years) and varicella (15 months and 3-4 years) will be used. The second dose could be applied as a tetraviral vaccine. Universal systematic vaccination against HPV is recommended, both for girls and boys, preferably at 12 years, and greater effort should be made to improve coverage. The 9 genotype extends coverage for both genders.
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