Analysis of the profiles of patients with dual pathology attending addiction centers, mental health centers, and a coordinated service

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The aim of this study was to analyze and compare the profile of dual patients treated in mental health units or drug user services with patients using both.The sample consisted of 170 patients diagnosed with dual pathology, recruited using an accidental sampling technique. Of the sample, 64 were being treated at Addiction Center of Huelva (ADH), 51 at various Community of Mental Health Units (CMHU) in the province of Huelva and 55 were treated with a coordinated use of both resources. The patients were diagnosed using MINI and PID-5. A higher prevalence of patients with a cocaine and heroin dependence profile was observed in the patients treated in ADH (35.9%, as opposed to 2% in CMHU and 16.4% in the coordinated service). For those patients treated in CMHU there was a higher prevalence of profiles related to cannabis dependence (41.2%, as opposed to 9.4% in the ADH and 16.4% in the coordinated service). The odds ratio for hypomanic episodes was 2.879 (p
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Dual disorders, psychiatric comorbidity, mental health, treatment, Substance use disorders, Substance use disorders, Neuropsychiatric interview mini, Psychiatric comorbidity, Cocaine users, Dsm-iv, Diagnosis, Community, Outpatients, Prevalence, Barriers