Preliminary Results on the Preinduction Cervix Status by Shear Wave Elastography

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The mechanical status of the cervix is a key physiological element during pregnancy. By considering a successful induction when the active phase of labor is achieved, mapping the mechanical properties of the cervix could have predictive potential for the management of induction protocols. In this sense, we performed a preliminary assessment of the diagnostic value of using shear wave elastography before labor induction in 54 women, considering the pregnancy outcome and Cesarean indications. Three anatomical cervix regions and standard methods, such as cervical length and Bishop score, were compared. To study the discriminatory power of each diagnostic method, a receiver operating characteristic curve was generated. Differences were observed using the external os region and cervical length in the failure to enter the active phase group compared to the vaginal delivery group (p
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induction of labor, shear wave elastography, cervix, shear wave velocity, Labor induction success, Uterine cervix, Quantitative elastography, Wfumb guidelines, Clinical-use, Prediction, Pregnancy, Recommendations, Reliability, Length