Role of Functional Fortified Dairy Products in Cardiometabolic Health: A Systematic Review and Meta-analyses of Randomized Clinical Trials.

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There is insufficient evidence on the role of functional fortified dairy products in improving health and in preventing risk factors associated with noncommunicable chronic diseases. This systematic review was conducted to summarize effects of the consumption of fortified dairy products on biomarkers of cardiometabolic risk. MEDLINE and SCOPUS databases were used to perform searches to include studies published up to 30 April 2018. Randomized clinical trials with human subjects consuming dairy products fortified with phytosterols, FAs, vitamins or minerals and relating this consumption with cardiometabolic health were included in this review. Risk of bias assessment according to Cochrane guidelines was performed to determine the quality of the trials. Forty-one studies were finally selected for this synthesis; the selected studies tested dairy products fortified with the following nutrients and bioactive components: phytosterols (n = 31), FAs (n = 8), and vitamin D (n = 2). We found that the consumption of phytosterol-fortified dairy, led to an overall LDL cholesterol reduction of -0.36 (-0.41, -0.31) mmol/L, P 
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biomarker, cardiometabolic health, cardiovascular disease prevention, dairy products, fortified food, functional food, milk