Preconception Care for Men and Women during the Pandemic, an Intervention Proposal.

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The COVID-19 pandemic and its measures resulted in limited outdoor activities, reduced group meetings, etc., leading to unhealthy habits. Several studies showed how certain unhealthy habits can lead to serious consequences for both men and women, as well as affect future offspring. (1) Background: Therefore, we present a community intervention at the preconception stage to avoid future risks. The purpose of this intervention is to change lifestyles and beliefs about the health of men and women in the preconception period; (2) Methods: For the design of the intervention, a bibliographic search was performed both in English and Spanish in the main databases of health sciences and nursing (Cochrane, PubMed, Web of Science, CINAHL, LILACS, Dialnet), using descriptors in MeSH health for sciences; (3) Results: We proposed that a variety of lifestyles be analyzed, including aspects such as physical activity, nutrition, etc. In addition, stress management should be emphasized through a relaxation workshop, where three different techniques be proposed to reduce anxiety levels in stressful situations; (4) Conclusions: Due to the limited scientific results of interventions carried out in the preconception period simultaneously with men and women, more community interventions that address this topic are needed to assess the impact of these actions on the health of the population.
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community intervention, lifestyle, pandemic, preconception