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Título : Genetic variability of the mTOR pathway and prostate cancer risk in the European Prospective Investigation on Cancer (EPIC)
Autor : Campa, Daniele
Hüsing, Anika
Stein, Angelika
Dostal, Lucie
Boeing, Heiner
Pischon, Tobias
Tjønneland, Anne
Roswall, Nina
Overvad, Kim
Nautrup Østergaard, Jane
Rodríguez, Laudina
Sala, Núria
Sánchez, Maria-José
Larrañaga, Nerea
Huerta, José María
Barricarte, Aurelio
Khaw, Kay-Tee
Wareham, Nicholas
Travis, Ruth C.
Allen, Naomi E.
Lagiou, Pagona
Trichopoulou, Antonia
Trichopoulos, Dimitrios
Palli, Domenico
Sieri, Sabina
Tumino, Rosario
Sacerdote, Carlotta
van Kranen, Henk
Bueno-de-Mezquita, H Bas
Hallmans, Göran
Johansson, Mattias
Romieu, Isabelle
Jenab, Mazda
Cox, David G
Siddiq, Afshan
Riboli, Elio
Canzian, Federico
Kaaks, Rudolf
Filiación: [Campa, Daniele;Huesing, Anika;Stein, Angelika;Dostal, Lucie;Canzian, Federico;Kaaks, Rudolf] German Canc Res Ctr, Heidelberg, Germany. [Boeing, Heiner;Pischon, Tobias] Deutsch Inst Ernahrungsforsch, Dept Epidemiol, Potsdam, Germany. [Tjonneland, Anne;Roswall, Nina] Danish Canc Soc, Inst Canc Epidemiol, Copenhagen, Denmark. [Overvad, Kim;Ostergaard, Jane Nautrup] Aarhus Univ Hosp, Dept Cardiol, Cardiovasc Res Ctr, Aalborg Hosp, Aalborg, Denmark. [Overvad, Kim;Ostergaard, Jane Nautrup] Aarhus Univ, Dept Epidemiol, Sch Publ Hlth, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark. [Rodriguez, Laudina] Hlth & Hlth Care Serv Council, Publ Hlth & Participat Directorate, Asturias, Spain. [Sala, Nuria] ICO IDIBELL, Barcelona, Spain. [Sanchez, Maria-Jose] Andalusian Sch Publ Hlth, Granada, Spain. [Sanchez, Maria-Jose;Larranaga, Nerea;Maria Huerta, Jose;Barricarte, Aurelio] Consortium Biomed Res Epidemiol & Publ Hlth CIBER, Madrid, Spain. [Larranaga, Nerea] Basque Govt, Publ Hlth Dept Gipuzkoa, Gipuzkoa, Spain. [Maria Huerta, Jose] Murcia Reg Hlth Author, Dept Epidemiol, Murcia, Spain. [Barricarte, Aurelio] Navarre Publ Hlth Inst, Pamplona, Spain. [Khaw, Kay-Tee] Univ Cambridge, Sch Clin Med, Cambridge, England. [Wareham, Nicholas] MRC Epidemiol Unit, Cambridge, England. [Travis, Ruth C.;Allen, Naomi E.] Univ Oxford, Nuffield Dept Clin Med, Canc Epidemiol Unit, Oxford, England. [Lagiou, Pagona;Trichopoulou, Antonia] Univ Athens, Sch Med, WHO Collaborating Ctr Food & Nutr Policies, Dept Hyg Epidemiol & Med Stat, GR-11527 Athens, Greece. [Lagiou, Pagona;Trichopoulos, Dimitrios] Harvard Univ, Sch Publ Hlth, Dept Epidemiol, Boston, MA 02115 USA. [Trichopoulou, Antonia] Hellen Hlth Fdn, Athens, Greece. [Trichopoulos, Dimitrios] Acad Athens, Bur Epidemiol Res, Athens, Greece. [Palli, Domenico] Canc Res & Prevent Inst ISPO, Mol & Nutr Epidemiol Unit, Florence, Italy. [Sieri, Sabina] Fdn IRCCS Ist Nazl Tumori, Milan, Italy. [Tumino, Rosario] Civile MP Arezzo Hosp, Canc Registry, Ragusa, Italy. [Tumino, Rosario] Civile MP Arezzo Hosp, Histopathol Unit, Ragusa, Italy. [Sacerdote, Carlotta] Ctr Canc Prevent CPO Piemonte, Turin, Italy. [Sacerdote, Carlotta] Human Genet Fdn HuGeF, Turin, Italy. [van Kranen, Henk;Bueno-de-Mesquita, H. Bas] Natl Inst Publ Hlth & Environm, Ctr Nutr & Hlth CVG, Bilthoven, Netherlands. [Hallmans, Goran;Johansson, Mattias] Umea Univ, Dept Publ Hlth & Clin Med, Umea, Sweden. [Johansson, Mattias;Romieu, Isabelle;Jenab, Mazda] Int Agcy Res Canc, F-69372 Lyon, France. [Cox, David G.;Siddiq, Afshan;Riboli, Elio] Univ London Imperial Coll Sci Technol & Med, London, England. [Cox, David G.] Ctr Leon Berard, INSERM, F-69373 Lyon, France.
Palabras clave : Variación genética
Neoplasias de la Próstata
Serina-Treonina Quinasas TOR
Estudio Multicéntrico
MeSH: Medical Subject Headings::Phenomena and Processes::Genetic Phenomena::Genetic Variation
Medical Subject Headings::Diseases::Male Urogenital Diseases::Urogenital Neoplasms::Genital Neoplasms, Male::Prostatic Neoplasms
Medical Subject Headings::Chemicals and Drugs::Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins::Proteins::Intracellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins::TOR Serine-Threonine Kinases
Medical Subject Headings::Health Care::Environment and Public Health::Public Health::Epidemiologic Methods::Epidemiologic Study Characteristics as Topic::Epidemiologic Studies::Case-Control Studies
Medical Subject Headings::Diseases::Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms::Pathologic Processes::Disease Attributes::Disease Susceptibility::Genetic Predisposition to Disease
Medical Subject Headings::Health Care::Environment and Public Health::Public Health::Epidemiologic Methods::Epidemiologic Study Characteristics as Topic::Clinical Trials as Topic::Multicenter Studies as Topic
Medical Subject Headings::Phenomena and Processes::Chemical Phenomena::Chemical Processes::Biochemical Processes::Signal Transduction
Fecha de publicación : 23-Feb-2011
Editorial : Public Library of Science
Cita Bibliográfica: Campa D, Hüsing A, Stein A, Dostal L, Boeing H, Pischon T, et al. Genetic variability of the mTOR pathway and prostate cancer risk in the European Prospective Investigation on Cancer (EPIC). PLoS One. 2011 Feb 23; 6 (2) :e16914
Abstract: The mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) signal transduction pathway integrates various signals, regulating ribosome biogenesis and protein synthesis as a function of available energy and amino acids, and assuring an appropriate coupling of cellular proliferation with increases in cell size. In addition, recent evidence has pointed to an interplay between the mTOR and p53 pathways. We investigated the genetic variability of 67 key genes in the mTOR pathway and in genes of the p53 pathway which interact with mTOR. We tested the association of 1,084 tagging SNPs with prostate cancer risk in a study of 815 prostate cancer cases and 1,266 controls nested within the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC). We chose the SNPs (n = 11) with the strongest association with risk (p<0.01) and sought to replicate their association in an additional series of 838 prostate cancer cases and 943 controls from EPIC. In the joint analysis of first and second phase two SNPs of the PRKCI gene showed an association with risk of prostate cancer (ORallele = 0.85, 95% CI 0.78–0.94, p = 1.3×10−3 for rs546950 and ORallele = 0.84, 95% CI 0.76–0.93, p = 5.6×10−4 for rs4955720). We confirmed this in a meta-analysis using as replication set the data from the second phase of our study jointly with the first phase of the Cancer Genetic Markers of Susceptibility (CGEMS) project. In conclusion, we found an association with prostate cancer risk for two SNPs belonging to PRKCI, a gene which is frequently overexpressed in various neoplasms, including prostate cancer.
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DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0016914
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