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Título : National Health System Virtual Library Viability Project (Spain)
Autor : Juan-Quilis, Verónica
Lavandera-Fernández, Raquel
Paez-Cervi, Virigili
Salas-Valero, Montserrat
Muñoz-González, Laura
Novillo-Ortiz, David
Rivero-Cote, Pablo
Martínez-Olmos, Jose
Filiación: [Juan Quilis,V; Muñoz González,L] Andalusian Public Health System Virtual Library, Seville. [Lavandera Fernández,R] Health Research Office-FICYT. Principalty of Asturias Goverment, Oviedo. [Paez Cervi, V] Virtual Health Sciences Library of the Balearic Islands, Goverment Health Department of the Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca. [Salas‐Valero,M] Aragon Health Sciences Institute. Zaragoza. Spain. [Novillo Ortiz, D; Rivero-Cote,P; Martínez-Olmos,J] Ministry of Health and Social Policy, Madrid
Palabras clave : Bibliotecas Virtuales
Sistema Nacional de Salud
MeSH: Medical Subject Headings::Information Science::Information Science::Information Centers::Libraries::Libraries, Digital
Medical Subject Headings::Health Care::Health Care Economics and Organizations::Organizations::Health Planning Organizations::State Health Planning and Development Agencies::Health Systems Agencies
Medical Subject Headings::Geographicals::Geographic Locations::Europe::Spain
Fecha de publicación : Jun-2010
Cita Bibliográfica: Juan-Quilis V, Lavandera-Fernández R, Paez-Cervi V, Salas-Valero M, Muñoz-González L, Novillo D, et al. National Health System Virtual Library Viability Project (Spain). 12th EAHIL Conference. Discovering New Seas of Knowledge. [Internet]; 2010, June 14-18; Lisboa, Portugal
Abstract: Introduction: The ICT progress and development are making the set up of virtual libraries easier, with great advantages for users in terms of immediate access to vast amounts of library information, online resources, and services. Most of the Autonomous Spanish Regions are presently working on the establishment of virtual libraries with the aim of optimising economic resources destined to subscribe bibliographic information sources and offering qualified documentary services to Public Health System Professionals. The Ministry of Health and Social Policy, an institution unifying health matters, issued this Project to study the National Health System Virtual Library creation viability, in order to guarantee relevant scientific information access equity. Objectives: - To study the National Health System (NHS) Virtual Library set up viability. - To elaborate the Spanish territory health information resource map. - To identify the appropriate technological model. - To identify the documentary services to be offered. - To identify the more optimum functional, structural model. - To identify the economic model. Method: - To create a chart organization for the project´s management. - To organize Work groups. - To elaborate a standardised survey model for the libraries of the autonomous regions. Results: - Identification of the different Autonomous Region libraries of health models. - Recommendations for the NHS Virtual Library: - Functional, structural model - Technological model - Financial-economic model Conclusions: The fact that the Virtual Library would be an invaluable space for access to quality scientific information, as well as that the minimum services could be offered to every NHS user regardless of geographical situation, is confirmed. Accordingly, we thought about three different models to develop the Virtual Library, depending on this initial analysis, which will allow us to establish the most suitable model for the Spanish National Health System, considering its economic, functional and technological recommendations. It would be necessary to do a study for the NHS Virtual Library Set Up following the recommendations arising from this Project.
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