Sedentary behavior among Spanish children and adolescents: findings from the ANIBES study.

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An increase of sedentary behaviors far from the Mediterranean lifestyle is happening in spite of the impact on health. The aims of this study were to describe sedentary behaviors in children and adolescents. A representative sample of 424 Spanish children and adolescents (38% females) involved in the ANIBES study was analyzed regarding their sedentary behaviors, together with the availability of televisions, computers, and consoles by means of the HELENA sedentary behavior questionnaire. For the total sample of children, 49.3% during weekdays and 84% during weekends did not meet the recommendation of less than 2 hours of screen viewing per day. The use of TV was higher during weekdays (p  Spanish children and adolescents are not meeting the recommendations regarding the maximum of screen viewing (
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ANIBES Study, Child, Physical activity, Sedentary lifestyle, Youth