Data of transcriptional effects of the merbarone-mediated inhibition of TOP2.

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Type II DNA topoisomerases relax topological stress by transiently gating DNA passage in a controlled cut-and-reseal mechanism that affects both DNA strands. Therefore, they are essential to overcome topological problems associated with DNA metabolism. Their aberrant activity results in the generation of DNA double-strand breaks, which can seriously compromise cell survival and genome integrity. Here, we profile the transcriptome of human-telomerase-immortalized retinal pigment epithelial 1 (RPE-1) cells when treated with merbarone, a drug that catalytically inhibits type II DNA topoisomerases. We performed RNA-Seq after 4 and 8 h of merbarone treatment and compared transcriptional profiles versus untreated samples. We report raw sequencing data together with lists of gene counts and differentially expressed genes.
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DNA supercoiling, Differential gene expression, Merbarone, RNA-Seq, Topoisomerase inhibition