Usability Evaluation of a Distributed User Interface Application for Visuomotor Organization Assessment.

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This article describes the development and evaluation of a distributed user interface (DUI) application to assess visuomotor organization ability. This application enables therapists to evaluate the acquired brain injury (ABI) on patients, and patients, to perform the assessment on a touch screen while therapists can observe the assessment process in real time on a separated monitor without interfering patients during the process as in traditional methodologies employing physical elements. The main goal of this research is the evaluation of the quality in use of DUIs in the Pegboard Construction assessment with patients with ABI from the therapist perspective in the area of occupational therapy. To evaluate our system, we have performed a usability evaluation following the ISO/IEC 25010 and ISO/IEC 25062 standards to evaluate software usability and quality and it was conducted in collaboration with therapists and psychologists that have previously worked with people with ABI in diagnostic and assessment tasks. We show the results of the evaluation collected in a table that shows the completeness rate for each user for both, assisted (i.e., the percentage of tasks where participants performed with test director assistance) and unassisted tasks (i.e., the percentage of tasks where participants completed tasks autonomously), the total time participants required to complete proposed tasks, the number of mistakes participants performed during the session, and the number of assists they required to finish proposed tasks. In addition, we also evaluated the user satisfaction regarding our application using the system usability scale. The use of information technologies in this field enables therapists to perform these evaluations in a simpler, efficient, and automated way. This proposal enables patients to perform the assessment as it is performed traditionally using paper providing them with a touch screen in which they can easily insert a set of pins into the holes. The usability evaluation of the proposal meets the appropriate design standards for applications of this type, and this is demonstrated by the high degree of satisfaction of the participants.
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