A set of quality indicators for eHealth libraries

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This is a cooperation project whereby the group of eHealth library members of Rebisalud (eHealth Libraries Network – have developed a core set of quality indicators to measure and evaluate the services provided by the newly implemented eHealth libraries in Spain. This core set will help us to understand objectively the functioning of the different services provided by the libraries, as well as to facilitate the comparison of our libraries to learn from each other in order to improve our services. Methods: The norm ISO 11620 (Library performance indicators) was revised. First, we developed a classification scale to screen the indicators focusing on virtual libraries; three independent reviewers rated each indicator with that scale. Second, they calculated independently to assess their feasibility. Third, a core of 17 indicators was selected. Finally a consensus was reached among the leaders of the eHealth libraries members of Rebisalud. Results: With the classification scale only 20% of ISO’s indicators were selected, with most indicators related to non-virtuality like physical facilities being excluded. We found important problems with definitions or concepts, as well as problems with the terms used among our libraries. As a result of the whole process 20 indicators were defined. They are classified in terms of: structure (human and economic resources, electronic collection), process (use of resources, access) and results (efficiency, user satisfaction). Each indicator is described by name, code, definition, aim, method, interpretation, and information source. Conclusions: The cooperation has been very productive, and will allow us to make a continuous exercise of benchmarking among the eHealth libraries of Rebisalud. However, more work has to be done because we still need to construct a user satisfaction questionnaire
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Gaminde, I; Sastre-Suarez, S; Barragan, V; Roque-Castella,P; Paez, V; Juan-Quilis, V. A set of quality indicators for eHealth libraries. Proceedings of the 15th EAHIL Conference. Knowledge, Research, Innovation... eHealth. [Internet]; 2016 June 6-11, Seville, Spain