[Impact of training on Motivational Interviewing (MI) for Family Physicians: Design and assessment of a Training Program (MOTIVA)].

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To develop a training program in Motivational Interviewing for Family Physicians and assess the impact. Multicenter, double blind and randomized clinical essay, with 2arms, Experimental (EG) and Control (CG) of Family Physicians with a follow up of 12 months. 32 Primary Healthcare Centers. 54 physicians (CG=28, EG=26). Training Program MOTIVA in ME with an initial presential course (16h), followed by online activities during 12months, and presential meetings (Problem BasedInterviewing with expert feedback). Communicative skills in MI were assessed based on video-recordings (VR) with the EVEM 2.0 scale by peer reviewers. 236 VR with standardized patients and 96 VR with real patients. Average results in EVEM scale (up to 56 points) at the beginning of the study were EG=21.27 (CI 95% 15.8-26.7) and CG=20.23 (CI95% 16.4-23.9) with no differences between both groups (P=.79). After the training, EG punctuation increased by 13.89 points (P The MOTIVA Training Program improves Motivational Interviewing skills, significatively improving after a presential course and sequential keep-alive activities. The effectiveness of the Program has been proven in the Third and Fourth steps of Miller's Pyramid.
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Assessment training, Competence professional, Competencia professional, Continuing medical education, Entrevista motivacional, Evaluación, Formación médica continuada, The motivational interview