Hospital Management and Ambulatory Patient Care After COVID-19 Infection in Kidney Transplant.

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A large number of registries have been collected for kidney transplant recipients infected with COVID-19. From March 2020 to April 2021, our team conducted an observational study, which included all patients who showed a polymerase chain reaction positive for COVID-19. Patients were divided into 2 groups: patients who required ambulatory care and patients who needed hospital admission. A total of 76 kidney transplant recipients were infected with COVID-19. A total of 33% required hospital admission and 65% received ambulatory treatment; 28% of our patients were asymptomatic and 6.8% died. Immunosuppressive treatment was modified in both study groups, and there were not any acute rejection episodes or changes in the human leukocyte antigen antibodies profile in our patients during our clinical trial. In our study there was a significant percentage of patients who did not require hospital admission compared with other studies. In addition, we think that the reduction of immunosuppression can be a safe and reliable treatment.
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