Nursing students' experience using an escape room for training clinical skills and competencies on emergency care: A qualitative observational study.

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Game-based learning is increasing in nursing education. Also, the assessment of the utility of the escape room game is growing. To explore nursing students' opinion about the escape room as an evaluation game, a qualitative observational study with nursing students was carried out. An ad hoc questionnaire with open questions was sent after the game learning experience. The escape room included knowledge and techniques from different specialties. The escape room learning game was a positive experience for the students. The main highlighted characteristics were fun, dynamic, and motivating way to study and learn. Other interesting variables were: "Working as a team and under pressure" (It's a group activity in which everyone must work together. It is a good challenge to learn how to work in urgent situations) and "Different way to assess students´ learning" (In this type of game, I can show more things and not only theoretical knowledge). Game-based learning is increasing in nursing education, as well as the assessment of the utility of the escape room game. Using an escape room for assessing nursing students' knowledge is a positive experience. This learning experience can be also used with nurses in different specialties to promote teamwork and working under pressure.
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