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Dysfunction in the Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Regulator in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease as a Potential Target for Personalised MedicineCarrasco-Hernández, Laura; Quintana-Gallego, Esther; Calero, Carmen; Reinoso-Arija, Rocío; Ruiz-Duque, Borja; López-Campos, José Luis10-Oct-2021
Integrating Comorbidities and Phenotype-Based Medicine in Patient-Centered Medicine in COPDLopez-Campos, José Luis; Ruiz-Duque, Borja; Carrasco-Hernandez, Laura; Caballero-Eraso, Candelaria25-Aug-2020
Methodologies for the Determination of Blood Alpha1 Antitrypsin Levels: A Systematic ReviewRuiz-Duque, Borja; Bañuls, Lucía; Reinoso-Arija, Rocio; Carrasco-Hernandez, Laura; Caballero-Eraso, Candelaria; Dasí, Francisco; Lopez-Campos, José Luis31-Oct-2021
Predictors of Single Bronchodilation Treatment Response for COPD: An Observational Study with the Trace Database CohortCarrasco Hernández, Laura; Caballero Eraso, Candela; Ruiz-Duque, Borja; Abad Arranz, María; Márquez Martín, Eduardo; Calero Acuña, Carmen; Lopez-Campos, Jose Luis15-Apr-2021