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An antibody-based ELISA for quantification of Ani s 1, a major allergen from Anisakis simplex.Arilla, M C; Ibarrola, I; Martínez, A; Monteseirín, J; Conde, J; Asturias, J A1-May-2008
Eosinophil cationic protein is not only a distinctive eosinophil proteinMonteseirín, J; Vega, AFeb-2008
Neutrophil defensins: their possible role in allergic asthma.Vega, A; Ventura, I; Chamorro, C; Aroca, R; Orovigt, A; Gómez, E; Puente, Y; Martínez, A; Asturias, J A; Monteseirín, J2011