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Identification of Tools for the Functional and Subjective Assessment of Patients in an Aquatic Environment: A Systematic ReviewCuesta-Vargas, Antonio; Martin-Martin, Jaime; Gonzalez-Sanchez, Manuel; Merchan-Baeza, Jose Antonio; Perez-Cruzado, David6-Aug-2020
Impact of Visual Biofeedback of Trunk Sway Smoothness on Motor Learning during Unipedal StanceCruz-Montecinos, Carlos; Cuesta-Vargas, Antonio; Muñoz, Cristian; Flores, Dante; Ellsworth, Joseph; De la Fuente, Carlos; Calatayud, Joaquín; Rivera-Lillo, Gonzalo; Soto-Arellano, Verónica; Tapia, Claudio; García-Massó, Xavier1-May-2020
Pain neuroscience education and physical exercise for patients with chronic spinal pain in primary healthcare: a randomised trial protocolGalán-Martín, Miguel A.; Montero-Cuadrado, Federico; Lluch-Girbes, Enrique; Coca-López, M. Carmen; Mayo-Iscar, Agustín; Cuesta-Vargas, Antonio3-Nov-2019
Pain Neuroscience Education and Physical Therapeutic Exercise for Patients with Chronic Spinal Pain in Spanish Physiotherapy Primary Care: A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled TrialGalan-Martin, Miguel Angel; Montero-Cuadrado, Federico; Lluch-Girbes, Enrique; Coca-López, María Carmen; Mayo-Iscar, Agustín; Cuesta-Vargas, Antonio22-Apr-2020
Telehealth Home Support During COVID-19 Confinement for Community-Dwelling Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment or Mild Dementia: Survey StudyGoodman-Casanova, Jessica Marian; Dura-Perez, Elena; Guzman-Parra, Jose; Cuesta-Vargas, Antonio; Mayoral-Cleries, Fermin22-May-2020