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OX40 Agonist BMS-986178 Alone or in Combination With Nivolumab and/or Ipilimumab in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors.Gutierrez, Martin; Moreno, Victor; Heinhuis, Kimberley M; Olszanski, Anthony J; Spreafico, Anna; Ong, Michael; Chu, Quincy; Carvajal, Richard D; Trigo, José; Ochoa de Olza, Maria; Provencio, Mariano; De Vos, Filip Yves; De Braud, Filippo; Leong, Stephen; Lathers, Deanne; Wang, Rui; Ravindran, Palani; Feng, Yan; Aanur, Praveen; Melero, Ignacio4-Nov-2020